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For worldly, style-conscious consumers who care about the planet and their place in it, O2 Monde is a luxury accessories brand that delivers sophisticated, sustainable and impeccably crafted footwear. Made in Italy and crafted with the world's most innovative plant-based skins, O2 Monde's mission is to permanently shift the luxury accessories paradigm by offering handcrafted footwear that honor's the Earth's heritage and protects its future.


Launching in 2021 - my role as Creative Consultant has involved establishing a visual identity, creating the online store,  producing and art directing all photoshoots, and executing all creative assets. 

Role: Creative Consultant

Year: 2019 - Present

02 Monde Lookbook2.jpg

Considered, timeless design that evolves classic expression and stands apart from the masses. O2 Monde's minimal, yet inventive silhouettes blends European elegance with American ease and irreverence by redefining traditional shapes with unexpected lines, eclectic details and innovative materials.  

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